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JobTIPS Student online program offers real world examples and assistance to teens and adults transitioning to the workplace. It provides learning resources, guided exercises, graphic organzers, role-playing scenario cards, prescreening tests, video tutorials, and visual prompts to help individuals with any learning style get and keep a job.

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For VR agencies, coaches and schools, JobTIPS ToolboxPRO provides an even larger selection of assessment and teaching materials. Designed to meet Common Core State Standards, it offers schools an easy-to-use, research based program to help their students prepare for skills needed after graduation.

JobTIPS targets nearly every aspect of the employment process:

You can first explore your interests by examining the types of social and environmental demands associated with certain jobs, by taking an interest quiz, and by reading specific job descriptions. Our program then guides you through the process of finding a job, from networking, to conducting internet searches, to navigating job fairs. In this section, we provide detailed instructions on how to obtain references and how to complete resumes, cover letters, and applications.  In this section, we also guide you through the explicit steps, as well as the hidden nuances, of the interview process. For many people, the most difficult part of keeping a job is knowing how to appropriately communicate, socialize, and cope in the work environment. This section guides you through the complex and sometimes stressful demands associated with work contexts.

JobTIPS contains numerous videos and pictures demonstrating what to do and what not to do in certain situations.   Our videos and pictures are embedded within the sections to support the text. 
This program also contains numerous printable materials including worksheets, cue cards, summaries, visual schedules, graphic organizers, and assessments.  We want you to have many practice opportunities to master and generalize important job-related skills. 
JobTIPS does not simply tell you what you should do.  We also provide the rationale behind each behavioral and social exchange to improve your perspective-taking skills.  It is important for you to understand the "why" behind the thoughts and actions of others.  This will help you know how to appropriately respond to them. 
This program uses step-by-step instructions and extensive visual and interactive supports to break down employment situations into specific actions and behaviors.

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