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Library of Activity Sheets

This section has a series of Activity Sheets for different activities. While some of the simpler actions are more complete, the details such as planning questions and actual steps will vary greatly between home settings and individual child choices. Examples of what to wear when dressing or what to eat for breakfast should be customized to match your child.  However, the concepts are identical in all sheets. Ask the questions necessary for your child to make a plan, then help him/her succeed in acting the plan, and stop to talk about what was achieved.

And don’t be discouraged if it takes many tries over months to master even the simplest actions. The learning concepts are all that are important. Helping children develop the habit of taking the time to plan before acting, follow their plan, and pause to reflect on what they did gives children confidence that they can handle new situations without feeling overwhelmed. This can help your child learn to feel in control and eliminate many of the behavior and arousal problems.

So, pick a sheet in this section, or print out the blank Activity Sheet below, and try it with your child and some simple activity, such as putting away a couple of toys in the room. Again, complement and reward you child for even the smallest success. Use the ideas from the Teaching the Concepts section to provide the support to help you child successfully transfer the GoFAR ideas to the real world with the Activity Sheets.

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