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Summary of the Training Ideas

  • Teaching the Concepts, the first part of the GoFAR site, provided tools to help you understand your child’s behavior and learn ways to adjust the environment to calm and control problems. It can take days, months or even years to become second nature and set the scene for self-regulation.  It is an area that often needs revisiting over the years.

  • The second area contained simple Practice Games to help a child learn the concepts of focus and plan, act, and then reflect on what was done. It is usually completed by children in a few hours over a few days, and can be revisited as children request.  However, the games are not critical to the GoFAR concepts and the same behavior control can be taught just by setting the right environment using Teaching the Concepts and then going directly to the Real World Applications section described here.

  • Real World Applications contains common situations that can trigger self-regulation problems, such as getting dressed in the morning or cleaning a room. These situations, and guides for dealing with them, are described in Activity Sheets. While there are dozens of Activity Sheets here, they may not match the behavior problems you are encountering so the description of how the sheet is designed and a blank form is provided for you to create your own guides if needed. Hopefully, once you become comfortable with the steps described in the sheets, you will no longer need them to understand how to generalize the behavior controls to you home situation.