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Getting Started

This Practice Games allow your child to practice the steps of FAR (Focus and Plan/Act/Reflect) in quick, easy, game-like stages. It is recommended that you complete the sequence in the order listed in this section, even if only once.  Play order for your child should be:

  1. INTRO
  2. Find the Key and Unlock the Door
  3. Clean the Room with Self-Correction

If a child has problems with any stage, it should be repeated until clear before continuing. It is important that you do each stage with your child at least once before asking him/her to do it alone.

All games play in any standard browser and on any web-connected device, computer or phone. You will need sound enabled. Action is controlled by either clicking or touching, if you have a touch screen, or with keyboard or navigation keys shown on the right of the screen during the ACT stage of some games. The only motion controls are left , right , up , down , and jump .


This simple 5 1/2-minute animation tells the story of a spaceman (the character in all games) making a plan to feed his cat.  It has 4 quizzes that pause and ask the child to click on a choice based on what he/she has learned so far.  Play at least once, and as often as your child requests.  Without this breakdown of the FAR steps, the later game play is difficult to follow.

It can take up to a minute to download so we suggest you click the below link and wait until you see the ‘Start’ icon on the screen before placing your child at the computer.  Then click ‘Start’ and the animation will begin immediately.

Click the back button to return to the website when you finish the intro.