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Clean the Room with Self Correction

This game allows a child to help an alien clean his room by deciding where to put items away in a space. He must FOCUS AND PLAN (or PLAN for short) first, then ACT by moving the objects, and then REFLECT on where he put things. This is different from earlier games in that the child is allowed to make a mistake on where items are going in the PLAN but not discover that until the wrong step is acted on. Then he must REFLECT on the wrong step and return to the PLAN stage to make a new PLAN. This mimics real learning, where a child can make bad PLANs, like placing clothes in a toy basket, and not realize the mistake until doing it in real life.

It is recommended that you do the preceding INTRO and “Find the Key” game at least once to first learn the rules of PLAN/ACT/REFLECT. The earlier games do not allow an incorrect PLAN so teach the ideas before adding the possibility of making mistakes.  This may be as complex as some children want.

The USER CONTROLS vary between the PLAN and the ACT stages. For PLAN the object and location are clicked or touched, if you have a touch screen. For ACT, the player must move the arrows on the screen or the keyboard and enter or touch the locations to place objects. This emphasizes the difference between thinking about something and doing it. How objects display change in each stage: In PLAN the object stays the same, in ACT it is shown being moved to the location. In REFLECT the object is moved by the program to reflect on the previous actions.

As a final comment, while this is called a game it is really just a practice sequence that can become tedious for the child and adult. It should be done with a child and each part discussed. Once the play is mastered try picking up a real room with the FOCUS AND PLAN, ACT, and REFLECT divisions using the Library of Activity Sheets or customize for your space with the blank form.


The play sequence is designed to lead slowly through the complexities of showing where to correctly place up to 5 objects in a room. If you start the game and do not use the OPTIONS button to change levels, it will play through from simplest to hardest level. This is recommended for the first time played.

A voice starts with “This room is a mess” and then shows objects and where each object goes in the room.  The child is trying to learn to move the objects to the right location to clean the room. The purpose of the program is to understand the value of planning and reflecting on actions, rather than acting instinctively. Clicking START on the yellow screen moves between PLAN/ACT/REFLECT parts.



PLAN: Click yellow START below the green FOCUS AND PLAN logo. Point out to the child that this where you PLAN how to clean the room.

USER CONTROLS:  MOUSE CLICK or TOUCH the screen to select each item and where it goes.

The program presents multiple items to choose from.  After clicking on an item, click where it goes to clean the room. Flashing guides show items you can pick and places you can put them.  The picked item and where you put it appear at screen bottom as part of the PLAN. Once a location is picked for an item, that location has a check on it and it cannot be used to place another item.  

There is an x below each step as picked. If you click the x that step of the PLAN is removed and you can redo it. The Blue score bar on the side keeps track of where you are in the Planning steps. When it is full the PLAN is complete. 
Remember, the PLAN can be wrong and it does not tell you until the next ACT stage.



ACT: Click yellow START below the ACT logo. Point out this is the ACT part where you try your PLAN.  

USER CONTROLS: UP ARROW/DOWN ARROW/SPACE BAR on keyboard or screen side buttons move around screen. Enter Key on keyboard or touching object places it in a location. Again, point out to the child the difference in thinking about doing something (PLAN/REFLECT) and action (ACT).

The same items must be picked up and put away in the same way as in the PLAN shown in the steps on the screen below the room. Move the alien to the item in each step, ‘enter’ or touch screen to pick up the item, and move to where the item goes, and ‘Enter’ or touch screen to place it.

Flashing guides below the room remind the player what the steps are in the right order. In lower play levels, there are other visual guides like flashing yellow arrows. The score bar for the ACT stage on the right fills as each step is completed. The goal of ACT is to do each step as you planned, in the same order as shown in the PLAN.

If you made a mistake in the PLAN, the ACT stage will let you continue until you encounter the wrong step, and then it makes you REFLECT on what was wrong by asking you to repeat the step and then saying it does not belong there.  It asks you to click on the door to redo your PLAN.

The steps you had done correctly previously in PLAN are still part of the original PLAN, but all the steps after the one you missed are removed and you must complete your PLAN again. The score bar reflects this. The PLAN/ACT sequence continues until all the PLAN steps are done correctly, and them you finish ACT without replanning and go to REFLECT.



REFLECT: Click yellow START below the REFLECT logo. Point out this is the REFLECT part where you think back over your PLAN and how you ACTed on it.  The program shows you the actions you just completed so there are not user controls.

Click “Next” on the reward screen to go to the next difficulty level, or click Options in the upper right corner to skip to another play sequence.


  • “Show me where everything goes!”  below the text box will show which objects belong in which places, such as shirt in clothes backet, books in book shelf.

  • SCORE BAR on the right side of the screen has 3 parts, the bottom green border for FOCUS AND PLAN, middle red border for ACT, and top orange border for REFLECT. As steps in each part are completed, that part filles with blue. If the user has to return to the PLAN stage because of a mistake, the SCORE BAR adjusts to reflect the PLAN is being redone.

  • SCORE above score bar keeps a count of each time anything is done right. It resets when program is restarted. It acts as a positive encouragement during any one play session.



OPTIONS MENU. User can click on the Options button at the upper right at any time to change play level.

  • PLAY WITH HELP shows where each item goes. Click PLAY WITH HELP button to start demo.

  • PLAY LEVEL has arrows to move the play level up or down from 1 to 4.  Select the level and click PLAY LEVEL to start. If you click NEXT at the end of any game it goes to the next level automatically.  At the top play level, the game replays the top level with shifted objects and locations. The difference in the levels involves whether the item and location are highlighted to guide the player and the number of items to place, which varies from 3 to 5.


English version: https://do2learn.com/gofar/gofar2

It can take up to a minute to download so we suggest you click the link for the game and wait until you see the ‘Start’ screen before placing your child at the computer to begin.

Click the back button to return to the website when you finish playing.