Behavior Management Strategies

Once you understand what is maintaining the inappropriate behavior, you are ready to develop a plan to address this behavior.  This plan should be carefully arranged and it should include the input from all important stakeholders (parents, teachers, and sometimes the student).   If you don’t have “buy-in” from all parties involved, then your plan will not be implemented with consistency and accuracy.  As you implement this plan, it is important to carefully monitor the situation and collect data on the behavior, so you can objectively determine whether the plan is having its intended effect.  Keep in mind that behavior management plans often undergo minor (and sometimes major) adjustments along the way.  . 

strategies to change behavior and Behavior management plans

Classroom accommodations overview

Many of the behavior incidents in a classroom can be handled with simple changes and accommodations and do not require a behavior management or intervention plan.

Developing behavior management plans: The six steps

Steps to Create a Behavior Management Plan.

Self-regulation skills and strategies to address specific behaviors

Individuals with special needs have difficulties regulating their actions and responses to their surroundings. 

Special Needs Handbook for Teachers

This handbook will help you create an organized and efficient classroom environment where your special needs students will thrive. 

Story strips to define expected behavior


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Overview of story strips

Story strips are built on the concepts learned in the schedules section. 

First – Then story strips

These strips are helpful in teaching the important concept of "first" and "then".

Behavior story strips

Story strips can communicate a specific expected behavior.

Songs and games to define expected behavior

Bus Safety

These fun animated songs help children learn the rules of riding the bus to school.

Mall Safety

The Mall Safety Song teaches the importance of holding onto a growup while at the mall. 

Street Safety

The Street Safety Songs teach children how to be safe while near the street. 

Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Song shows children of all ages what to do in case of a fire in the home.