Visual Schedules

Nearly everyone utilizes some form of visual schedule to stay organized.  Many individuals with special needs benefit from visual schedules in written and / or picture form because they have trouble processing verbally delivered information, initiating activities, staying focused, completing every step within a task, and shifting focus between one activity and the next.  Visual schedules can increase independence and also reduce anxiety for many individuals with special needs.  Visual schedules are often vital to the individual’s performance in school, vocational, self-care, and leisure activities. 

Pre-K and K
Elementary (grades 1 - 5)
Secondary (grades 6 - 12)
Everyone (Pre-K - 12)
General considerations
Schedules overview
Reminder strips for sequencing events
Layout considerations
Physical variations
Work systems
Create customized teaching aids for visual learners.

Create your schedules
Printable forms and templates
Printable communication tools
Home / weekends schedule folder

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School work communication folder
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