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Ordering & Login Help

  • What is the difference between Online and Desktop versions?
    Online is used only while connected with the web and saves your forms on the Do2Learn server, allowing you to log in from any computer anywhere and access our images and your saved schedules. Desktop is downloaded from our server and installed on your computer and connects to the internet to login and download any images as you use them. Once an image is downloaded with the Desktop version it is saved on your computer and can be used in the future without connecting to the internet again. Desktop saves forms on your PC, allowing you to save more forms. Desktop also allows you to import your own images into forms. Schedules saved by the two different programs cannot be shared. See features for more details.

  • I would like to stitch versions of MAS. How do I do that?
    Contact us if you want to be switched between Online and Desktop versions. You will not be able to use any forms created with the other version once you switch.

  •  I have a MAC computer.
    Only the Desktop version presently works with the MAC. Both versions work on the PC.

  • When I log in, I get a message that it is not valid. What's up?
    The email login our database saves is the one you type in on your order form. Please be sure it is correct! Email names are not case sensitive ('A' is the same as 'a'), but passwords are case sensitive ('A' is not the same as 'a'). You can change your email and password with the links to the left side of the login page. If you have problems, email us at

  • I input the wrong email address when I ordered.
    You can correct your email from the login page by clicking on "change password or email" and typing the wrong email you used when ordering and the email you want us to use now. Once this is submitted, you can have your password sent to the right email by selecting “lost password” on the login page.

  • I have forgotten my password or it was not sent to me.
    On the login page click on "lost password" and input your email login name. Your password will then be sent to the email address you entered if it is in our database. Be sure and set do2learn as a trusted user and check your spam box to ensure your security filter is not blocking us.

  •  I want to change my password.
    On the login page click on "change password or email" and input the information you want to change.

  • My email has changed.
    On the login page click on "change password or email" and input the information you want to change. if you have Desktop version, you can use the Tools>My Account>Login section of the program to also change the password and email. Be sure and change your email before renewing or the database will think you are a new user and not credit the $15 discount.

  • I am a current subscriber. How do I renew my subscription?
    Order just as if you were a new user.

  • Can multiple people share a Make-A-Schedule subscription?
    Make-A-Schedule is priced for a single user or classroom. The Desktop is set to allow a user to download two copies, one for their home computer and one for their work computer. The online version checks as you login and access images to determine if more than one user is accessing the program simulatenously.  If we feel there is a problem, we may suspend the account and contact you directly. We offer substantial discounts for volume users such as schools and hope you will help us continue to support this program by using it in this way.

  • Do you take Purchase Orders?
    Yes. We accept Purchase Orers, Money Orders, PayPal and Visa/Master Card.  If you use a PO, be sure and include the email address or accounts for those who will be using the program and we will email the passwords to them and invoice you. Details on how to do this are in the PO and offline ordering section.

  • Do you offer volume discounts or site licenses?
    Please contact us for site license and volume discount pricing.

  • I am having problems getting to your site from my school computer.
    Many schools use proxy servers to filter outside web sites. You may need to have your system IT person allow you to access our site. Some organizations also limit what you can install on your computer and you will need to have them install the desktop version on your computer.

General Questions

  • How do I get Sun Java if I don't already have it?
    Most computers have Sun Java installed. If yours does not, you can download a free copy at

  • I am trying to add images, but the form won't accept them. What am I doing wrong?
    Some forms take images, some forms take text and images, and some take only text. If you click on a box and it is outlined red, you can insert images in that box. If you click on a box and it is outlined gray, you can insert text in that box.

  • What is the difference between “Save Form” and “Save As”?
    “Save Form” will copy over the existing form you have opened using the same name. “Save As” will allow you to save the edited form using a new file name.

  • When I print, my schedules are cut off at the bottom of the page. How do I fix this?
    For optimal printing, in Internet Explorer on the top menu bar choose File > Page Setup >and set all margins to 0.5 inches. Also, all of our forms but the calendar form are set to print in Portrait, not Landscape.

  • When I go between 1 and 2 inch forms my images are not deleted like they are when I switch between other forms.
    Because users often want to go between image sizes, we allow you to save images when switching. To clear images in a form, use Edit>Reset Form.

  • Why does my computer occasionally freeze when I try to "add all" images in one category to a form?
    Your computer may not have enough memory to add all the images. If your computer freezes, you may need to click Ctr+Alt+Delete to terminate the program and then add fewer images at one time.

Online Version of Make-A-Schedule

  • I would like to delete files one at a time. How do I do this?
    You cannot delete one file at a time. Once you hit your limit of 10 saves, you will see a message upon saving, “You must delete an old file to make space for your new file”. Highlight the form you want deleted, and your new form will be saved in its place.

  • How many schedules can I save at one time in Online MAS?
    You can save a maximum of 10 differently named schedules at one time. Each schedule can have a maximum of 9 pages. Some users, to get around the limited number of forms, save multiple one page schedules as one form and print only the pages needed.

Desktop Version of Make-A-Schedule

  • Sometimes when I am using Desktop MAS it takes a long time to get some images but not others. What is the difference?
    Desktop MAS first checks to see if the image file you asked for is on your PC. If it is not, it automatically tries to connect to the Internet to get the file from the Do2Learn server.

  • Can I download a lot of images at once?
    Yes, you will do this automatically when you view or insert a whole category into a form. This may take a few seconds because each new image must be sent from our server to your PC memory. You can see the progress by the download bar at the screen bottom. To stop the download, click the 'cancel' button at the bottom of the right window. Note: if the category is large and you don't have enough memory to download them all, you may need to kill the program and select fewer images at a time.  You can also download all images at one time using the Tools>MAS Images>Download menu choice.

  • When I switch from Search to View mode it does not show the pictures. Why not?
    Desktop MAS does not try to display any images until you click the Select Category box and click a category. This is to avoid connecting to the web site and downloading images you may not need.

  • Why does the wrong language name appear for images sometimes when in View mode, even though the images have the right language term when picked?
    If the Spanish or English image has not been used before, Desktop MAS connects to the Internet to get the new image term for the different language. To avoid this delay, use Search display mode when converting between Spanish and English images.

  • What do I set in Desktop MAS to use the program offline?
    Tools > My Account Settings window is your way of controlling your personal information for offline use.
    -- Check for Updates on Start connects to the Do2Learn site to get information on start. If you plan to use mostly without a web connection, uncheck this.
    -- Save local copy of images should always be checked for faster response both on and offline. When offline you will not be able to access any Example Forms or images that you have not used before, or print higher quality images than printed before. Pre-download images you plan to use offline while you are online.
    -- HELP Online Issues in the MAS Help navigation section explains details of online use.

  • Why did my program end when I said install updates in My Account?
    To install updates, you need to restart the Desktop MAS program. When you download new updates and click install, your program will install and end. You may choose to wait until you restart MAS again when all updates will automatically be installed.