I am an AOL user and some of the programs won't work correctly in my browser.
For AOL users, please open Internet Explorer from your Start button to play the programs after logging onto AOL. We do not recommend the Netscape browser for any of our games.

Why does the same online program play faster at different times?
The first time you play a game, all the images and sounds and worlds have to be sent to your computer. If you play the same game within the week, the program is probably still on your computer so you will not have to download again and the game should start quicker. This depends on how much cache you have in your computer to store the web pages.
The speed of game action is also affected by how busy the web and your service provider are. AOL after 3 PM can have transfer rates of as low as 2K baud, even though your modem may indicate that you can handle 56K.

Why don’t many of your programs work on MAC's?
There are several incompatibilities between the Operating Systems and Browsers of PC's and MAC's. Since many of our programs push the envelope of what is currently possible, we must require the newer drivers and browsers only available on Windows machines.

What programs do work on MAC’s?
These games should work on a MAC using the Internet Explorer browser 5.5 or higher: Math Mahjong, Synonyms and Antonyms, Create-A -Room, Learn Feelings, How Many?, What’s Different?, and What Color? The games and programs that do not work on MAC’s are: Facial Expressions.

free games

I can’t seem to get the “The Feelings Game”, “What’s Different?” or “How Many?” working. Any ideas?
All three games use JavaScript and cookies, therefore both JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in your browser. We use cookies to store information about your choices in the game and they expire after an hour. (see FAQ below for more information on cookies)

How do I enable cookies?
Go Internet Explorer. On the top menu bar choose > Tools > Internet Options > Security > click the DEFAULT LEVEL button. This should change your security to MEDIUM LEVEL. Be sure to click APPLY, then click OK and close IE. Reopen Internet Explorer and check the games again.

facial expressions

Will the Facial Expressions program be made more like a game with scores, etc.?
The Facial Expressions is a free program we offer thanks to the generosity of Ken Perlin of New York University Media Research Lab. We did not develop it and we have no current plans to alter it further.

Can I play the Facial Expressions game off-line?
No, the only way to play this game presently is online from the browser.