I want to... Make a Visual Schedule

  1. This tutorial will guide you through the steps needed to make a simple picture schedule. To create a new schedule, click on the New Document button, located directly below the blue Print & Go tab. On the drop-down menu, select New Form. This will open a new, blank workspace for your schedule.

  2. Let’s make our schedule a simple morning routine. On the left of the screen, you’ll find the image library, which contains hundreds of pictures representing daily activities, objects, and actions. You can scroll through these images, and later we’ll learn how to browse and search for specific images.

  3. To begin our morning routine, select the bed picture that appears shortly down the list of images and drag it to the blank workspace on the right

  4. To resize the bed picture, place the cursor over one corner of the image and drag it to the desired size. You can also drag the image anywhere you like on the work area. We’ll start by creating a vertical layout for our schedule.

  5. To make the images stand out a bit more, let’s add a border. Select the image and then choose the desired border width and color in the bottom left corner of the workspace.

  6. We can change the color of the border by clicking on the image and then selecting the Color Palette button, located directly beneath the border button. Then select the color for your border.

  7. Now let’s add some custom text to our schedule. With the bed image selected, click on the Edit Name button at the bottom of the workspace.

  8. This makes the text on the image an editable field. Select and delete the word ‘bed,’ and then add your custom text. This could be a more descriptive name for the object, or simple directions for completing the task.

  9. For the next task on our chart, tooth brushing, let’s browse for a suitable image. In the image library, select the drop-down menu Category. In this menu, all of the images in the library are grouped by subject. Scroll down and select Self help–Personal Care.

  10. Now click on search to show all of the images in the Personal Care category. Scroll down until you see the image for Brush teeth. Drag it into the workspace beneath the Make bed image.

  11. Resize it so it’s a little bigger, and then go ahead and add a purple border to it to match the bed. *I changed this from green to purple.

  12. A final way to find an image is to search by keyword. Return to the main image library by selecting All from the drop-down menu and clicking Search. This ensures that our search will access the entire library.

  13. Let’s have our final picture refer to eating breakfast. In the Name Keyword field, type ‘breakfast,’ then click the search button.

  14. Drag the Breakfast image to the workspace, resize it, and give it a green border.

  15. Again using the Edit Name button, change the text on the image to read: Eat breakfast.

  16. We now have a visual schedule with three activities on it. If you’d like to see the entire schedule at once, zoom out by moving the slider at the top right of the workspace.

  17. Perhaps we’ve decided that it is better to brush teeth after eating breakfast. You can reorder the images by dragging them around the workspace.

  18. You can also drag the images into a horizontal alignment.

  19. You can customize the font style, size, and color using the Font tool palette underneath the workspace. To change the font, first select the desired image.  Click on the font style pop-up menu, and select the desired font. You can do the same thing to customize the size, color, or alignment of the text.

  20. If at any time you are unhappy with a change you’ve made, you can click the Undo arrow at the top right of the workspace. This will remove the previous change.
    If you’d like to remove an unwanted image, drag it to the trashcan in the upper right hand corner. This deletes the image from your schedule.

  21. Let’s give our schedule a title. On the Image tab on the left (directly above the Image Library), click the Add Text Box button. A text field will appear on the workspace. Enter the desired text. You can then customize the font using the same font tools we used for the images.

  22. You can also resize or move the text box around the workspace by dragging it.

  23. Our morning schedule is just about finished. Now, let’s save our schedule so that we can access it again. Click the ‘Save’ button, represented by a picture of a disk drive in the top left corner of the workspace. A list of folders, including My Files and Shared, will appear. Files saved to the Shared folder will be visible for all users at your institution. You can also add a new folder by typing a folder name in the Add Folder box. Choose a folder, and enter a file name in the Name text field. Then click the Save button.

  24. When you’d like to reopen our Morning Schedule, click on the Folders tab on the top left corner of the screen. Then select the file Morning Schedule from the appropriate folder. You can then use, print, or edit your schedule as many times as you need.

  25. To email the schedule, click the Email button, represented by an envelope and located beneath the pink Create Image Set tab. A popup window will appear and prompt you to enter the recipient’s email address and a message. Click the Send button.

  26. A confirmation window will appear telling you if the document has been successfully sent.

  27. To print your Morning Schedule, click the Print button, represented by a printer and located beneath the Create Image Set tab at the top of the workspace. You must save the file before printing. 

  28. Clicking the Print Button will open a new browser window displaying a printable version of your image set.  You can then print the image using your browser’s printing options.